Job Search Support

Do you feel overwhelmed? There’s a big difference between activity and offers.

Make sure you are putting your efforts to good use and driving offers. We’ll help you “smartcut” your way to the perfect job. You don’t have to be a victim, you are a key decision maker in this process.


Are you sick of applying to positions and hearing NOTHING back?


Have you written a thousand versions of your resume and you don’t know what’s right anymore?


Are you having a tough time landing interviews?

Are you ready to be hired?

Average # of applications received per open position


# of job seekers who use social media to find a job

# of seconds a recuiter looks at your resume

No matter where you are, you want the inside scoop from an expert.

Be confident you’re showing your best self to potential employers and that the time you’re spending is an investment that will pay rewards for years to come.

What if you didn’t just have to settle on the next job, but you could find the BEST job?

You never know when you’re going to come across your dream job. When you find it, you have to be ready to be the one who gets hired.

We’ll make sure that you:


Conduct an effective and efficient search


Learn how to find those hidden jobs that might just be the best ones


Know how to interview effectively


And most importantly, how to win offers

I feel a greater sense of confidence that I know how to start approaching my job search in a more strategic way, and that I’ll be more confident when I actually get to the interview. It seems like she has done it all and seen it all, and she speaks with flair and humor. I think that, that practical experience lends a lot of gravity to the advice that she gives.

Jeanneane Sanford

Program Manager, School of Business, University of Phoenix, Nashville Campuses