Learning Solutions


% of employees who leave their jobs within 1 year if they receive poor job training*

*Bersin by Deloitte

Change your way of thinking to change your way of doing.

Cultivating engagement is about fostering a culture of learning, growth and development. Immediate time demands on your managers can prevent them from providing ongoing learning and development opportunities to their team.

Because people need to get more than a script and a list of steps in order to be effective on the job, we work together to create relevant coursework and information they can put into use immediately. That’s the goal of all of our sessions and materials—immediate value. We make sure that we speak to all different types of learning styles and preferences.  Our sessions are very conversational and full of great stories to demonstrate the point.

We focus on developing leadership, management, and hiring skills to affect retention inside your organization so that you can create a culture of personal career management for your team or address specific individual needs.

We can help you:

Improve employee retention
Improve employee skill sets
Improve employee ability to serve clients
Reduce manager headaches
Create more value from employees
Gives employees tools to make better day to day decisions
All of our materials are available for delivery in a method that is best for your organization: interactive webinars, online self delivery, or in person.
I was amazed and impressed by how quickly she assessed the team’s skill level and needs and provided an appropriate level of guidance, discussion and activities. The team is still talking about what they learned and practicing new methodologies every day. She understands cutting edge philosophies and values the use of technology.
Christine Karaptian

Chief Talent Officer, Valassis