Our Story

Initially we started as a small consulting practice serving corporate clients with high volume recruiting needs.

We focused on the hiring process and recruiting believing that if you want to do something great, it starts with the hire.  Since companies control that process, we focused there first.

We learned that our clients needed more complete solutions so we added HR technologies and education to the mix.  This gave us additional credibility and greater reach inside of an organization.

You train dogs. You educate people.  Our products are action oriented and designed to be relevant to the audience with fun and engaging delivery.  Our participants make better decisions and leave with tactics and strategies they can implement immediately for a better outcome.

That changed everything.  Our coaching and education services blew up.    Empower people with the right information, systems, and processes and big things can happen.

But real change happens one person at a time.  Our philosophy had always been that both sides of the employment equation need a shared vocabulary, tools, and resources. Up to this point, we were formally serving corporate clients.  We were all helping individuals with their career or job search on the side.  By adding career development and job search products and services, we bridged the gap.

People make work happen.  There isn’t a silver bullet.  They need more than a script or a process.  They need to think about their work differently.  They need good judgment.

We help people understand their work ecosystem.  Once they understand the system, they can improve their work and create greater happiness–Work happiness.  It doesn’t have to be a foreign concept.

It’s time for work to evolve.  It’s a movement.  Our corporate clients are striving for greater results through people and our individual clients are committed to express the gift of their profession.  Simple, but not easy.  That’s why we work at it every day.

In short:

We inspire first and educate second.

We serve individuals and companies to empower people to create better results.

The way to better work.  Work YOUR WAY.