Talent Consulting


% of new hires who quit after 6 months*

*Society for HR Management

The way you hire affects who you hire.

It’s hard to hire the right people with a broken process, weak employment branding or inefficient technology.

We partner with you to figure out the best way for YOUR organization to hire the best people. We create an approach that is right for your organization with your needs, business circumstances, and budget. We seek the point where your hiring is as efficient as it can be without sacrificing the quality of candidates you are attracting.

We can help you:


Attract high quality talent


Create greater efficiencies


Improve the candidate experience


Improve selection


Reduce the cost of recruiting


Talent retention strategies

Not only was her energy level EXACTLY perfect to start the day, but her real-life, everyday but innovative tips were a genuinely productive takeaway for our audience. Her mix of enthusiasm and practical advice generated the day’s most robust social media activity and the majority of follow-up requests. She was the first person we chose to book at our next conference.

Knight Stivender

General Manager, 12th & Broad