Ringing in the New Year always calls for the start of resolution season. We make all kinds of resolutions, from working out more to drinking less soda, to having more time to read a good book. Yet have you ever given thought to make resolutions towards your career?

What you pay attention to grows, what you ignore withers. What are a couple of key areas that you want to work on? What part of your career do you want to give attention to improving?

These questions might give you some ideas:

  1. Are you switching careers? Take a class, gain a skill 
  2. Are you trying to get promoted or a pay raise?  Figure out your boss’ priorities and how you can help. Why would your boss want to promote you? 
  3. Do you have people who are advising you in your career?  Do you need a career advisory board? 
  4. Find support. Partner with someone who is already good at a skill and learn from them. Find people trying to grow professionally and helping each other do it. 

Commit to Grow in 2019

I encourage you to make 2-3 career resolutions that will open the doors to further possibilities and grow your career. Think about your future career goals and create a track to achieve those goals. Keep in mind, make small steps that are doable and easy to achieve. That will build momentum and fuel you so you can keep going.

Your career deserves your full attention because careers don’t just happen. Careers are something you build one day at a time.

If you’re looking for ways to manage your career, check out Jennifer Way’s book Caffeinate Your Career. It’s loaded with tips and microactions you can complete in under 15 minutes a day—perfect to pair with your morning cup of coffee.