Follow-up is one of the biggest errors job seekers make during the hiring process. Yet following up can be so crucial to your search and can make or break your chances. Here are some tips on how to effectively follow-up.

Align With the Employer

During the hiring process you want to match the urgency of the employer. Ask them how often you should be in contact with them and what method they prefer to use. Then, be sure to actually follow up with them as they have directed.

If they don’t pick up or return your message at first, try again. Don’t give up!

Vary Your Follow-up

Don’t stop trying until you’ve contacted them three separate times and in two different ways. For example:

  • If your interviewer asks you to follow up via email, send them an email.
  • If they don’t respond after two emails, call them or follow-up in person.
  • If you interviewer wants a call first and they don’t respond, then you call again and they pick up. You’re good!

But you haven’t followed up unless you’ve done it three different times and at least two different ways.

Long-term Follow-up

If you don’t get hired, don’t lose hope. Maintain contact to avoid losing connection. Consider reaching out every two months. Focus on adding value to them by sending an article, a website, or a book recommendation. Don’t lose touch. You never know when your next chance will open up.