What’s the secret?! 

It’s in the sauce.

Every great sandwich has a secret sauce. It’s what takes it from a regular sandwich to one that you order over and over again. Believe it or not, people are very similar. We each have our own unique secret sauce.

Frequently people ask me how to create a competitive advantage over their competition whether that be coworkers or other candidates to stand out when applying to a position. How can they be memorable? Your secret sauce is what will help you answer these questions.

People with a secret sauce are memorable. It’s the thing that makes you more desirable than others with your same skill set. For example, everyone knows Microsoft Office, but maybe you know how to create gorgeous videos or you’re a certified web designer.

What’s your secret?

Employers are looking for an employee with certain skills, that’s why they create a job description. However, your secret sauce will not be included in the job description.

Your secret sauce is the piece that creates a point of connection between you and the interviewer. It’s extremely valuable, even though the employer didn’t know that’s what they were looking for. Your secret sauce is the difference between a fast-food burger and a BLT burger with garlic aioli sauce. It’s the special uniqueness that makes you memorable.

So, what’s your secret sauce? Find it. Define it. Use it!