When you were a kid did you ever go to the beach and head straight for the ocean? As you played you began to lose time and you drifted so far from shore that it scared you. Well, as adults we drift away too. But instead of drifting in an ocean, we drift away in the work we do. Both scenarios end in: How did I get here?

So why do you do what you do? What compelled you to do the work you are in now? For some of us, we chose a career because it helps pay the bills or the great benefits. For others, it’s what they’ve always done and they can’t imagine doing anything else. Some of us are stuck and don’t see a way to get unstuck.

All these reasons lack one thing – intentionality. 


If you choose a career for convenient reasons, it’s easy to drift off and lose sight of career intention. Take a minute and imagine if you chose a career intentionally. A career that you look forward to — refreshing right?

But what it takes to get there can be scary if you don’t know how to go from the convenient work that you do to intentional work.

Evaluate your situation for yourself:

  • Are you willing to face new challenges? 
  • Is the fear of change greater than your dislike of what you’re doing?  
  • Are you letting the wind decide where you’ll land?  

Take your answers from these questions and take action. Take a step in the right direction. We are the masters of our careers and it’s up to us whether we are happy or unhappy at work.