You choose what you do for a living. We make that choice for a variety of reasons—some good and some not so good. In the end, you are responsible for managing your career. The only person who can create a positive or negative career path is you. That’s right, you are the boss of you.

Since you are your own boss, how are your management skills?

  • Are you taking on new challenges?
  • When was the last time you learned a new skill?
  • Reflect on career goals you made early in the year – are you still following them? If you’ve completed them, have you made new ones?
  • Do you advertise your value at work or your accomplishments?
  • Are you meeting personal goals in and outside your career?

We often think in order to achieve greatness it’s required to earn lots of money or work at a Fortune 500 company—that’s not the case. Once you decide you are in the driver’s seat, you can steer your career in any direction you’d like. You may even exceed your greatest expectations.

Take your chance today, write your answers to the questions above, set goals and go get them!